Why Are Notices to Owners (NTOs) Important?

• NTOs are legal documents that protect your rights under the Florida Construction Lien Laws.  The document is sent to the owner, contractor, lender and others.  If you provide labor and/or materials, it ensures that you are paid before the last payment is made to the contractor.

• The NTO must be served no later than 45 days from your first day on the job providing services or materials.  If you do not serve the NTO in that time, you lose your ability to put a lien on the property if you are not paid in full.

• Bottom line, the NTO is important because it protects your rights to get paid.

Why Should You Choose EZ NTO?

• No Hassles – Research, printing & mailing are all done by us.  Fill out our on-line form or fax us your request.

• Fast Service – Within 48 hours, your NTOs will be mailed to your recipients.

• Best Value – We process your NTOs for $30 plus postage.  The best value available.

• Flexible Delivery – If your 45 day deadline is approaching, we provide the option of next day mail.


NTO Calculator

Enter your first day on the job and click “Check Date” to find the final date to deliver a NTO.

Claim of Lien Request


No more than 90 days from your last day on the job or providing materials.  We process your claim for $150 plus postage.  The best value available.

nto request

First Day on The Job:

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